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What They’re All Saying


The following are comments from people who have embarked upon the SRD Journey of Discovery. Every module is a destination along the Journey of Discovering more about yourself and those you interact with often. Let’s eavesdrop…

I participated in the Communication Gap module in which we explored the DISC communication/personality assessment tool. I discovered more fully what motivates my team as individuals and what their key drivers are. I was wrong about the personality/communication style of some in my team, but now I can see the quality that DISC assessed in them.

~ Tom of Apple West Medical Supply

I felt that the DISC assessment was spot-on and made me even more self-aware and aware of others. I also participated in the Conflict Management module. I liked the emphasis on the self-check.  In addition, I liked the emphasis that was placed on focusing on the goal and not just being concerned with what I want, but what the other person wants too – that’s true collaboration. ~ Patience of Apple West Medical Supply

I learned that I had something in common with a person I normally butt heads with. During a breakout session, I was paired with this person and I really enjoyed it! We discovered that we had a lot of things in common and were able to build a stronger bond.  I actually thought that the owner of our company asked Robin to pair us up and he didn’t. Robin was just intuitive, and it worked out that way! ~ Michael of Apple West Medical Supply

Before going through the "Women In The Workplace" experience, I had many restricting beliefs that prevented my capacity to completely venture into Executive Leadership. Since my excursion with Robin, my certainty has expanded and I am no longer limited by the misleading ideologies I conveyed for a long time. During the beginning of our time together, I became clear on my desires for my career and have since been promoted to General Manager while also experiencing financial increase as a result of this powerful experience. My past inward discourse was costing me time, money, connections, and more since restricting beliefs deaden you and prevent you from perceiving the open doors God has set before you. Thanks to Robin's exceptional words of wisdom, accountability, and insight, I am experiencing my dream. ~ Gabrieal of Sapphire & Co.

I participated in the Conflict Management module with my leadership team. After the class and before the end of that day, I followed up with a few individuals who were having some conflict.  I helped coordinate a discussion between the two people.  It was refreshing to be able to apply tools we just learned and see a change in how they handled their conflict. Taking this class has made my team more open to hearing one another and treating one another with respect. ~ Kristin of San Ynez Tribal Health Clinic


My team embarked upon the Communication Gap and Conflict Management Journey of Discovery. It was fun and gave us an opportunity to get to know ourselves and one another a lot better. The breakout activities were the best! I can’t wait to take another course! ~ Brenda of Kenaitze Organization


I am the principal of a Catholic school. I chose to partner with SRD not only because of its expertise in DEI but because of the spiritual component it offers. While tailoring a class to her clients’ needs, Robin told me that she prays for wisdom to help her best discern what will benefit the client the most. My team embarked upon the Communication Gap and Conflict Management Journey of Discovery. Since this is a Catholic school, I invited Robin to pray in front of the class before we started the Journey. The atmosphere changed right away! One person stated that he didn’t even want to participate in the class, but after the prayer, he was eager to travel with us on this Journey of Discovery. My vice-principal even worked out a pinch with me in front of the class. I’m so glad she had the courage to do that because I got a chance to apologize for causing her unnecessary frustration and we came up with a viable solution to the problem. Not only did we learn, but we also had fun! I am so enthused about the SRD Journey of Discovery modules that I am telling other Catholic schools to embark upon the Journey as well! ~ Paulette of St. Gregory the Great Catholic School

If you want to embark upon a Journey of Discovery module that is tailored to

your team’s unique needs, contact SRD today!

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