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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion ROI

Oftentimes companies want to know the ROI (return on investment) before they invest in a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy.  While most are thinking of dollars and cents when they hear ROI, when it comes to human capital more needs to be taken into account.  So instead of defining ROI, as a return on investment, we should define ROI as the Role of the Individual (employee loyalty, engagement, empowerment, and desire to please the customer).  How will investing in the individual or your most valued resource (your fellow team members) help your company to increase your bottom line?  Consider these statistics:

  • Companies with diversity outperform less diverse organizations (15% higher for gender diversity, 35% higher for ethnic diversity)

  • Organizations with more women in board positions outperform peers

  • Team-based assessments of inclusive teams show 80% better results

  • Inclusive talent systems as a talent strategy best predict the highest performing companies

There is a limited talent pool in today’s global marketplace and the research shows that diverse talent is currently what dictates continued success.  As an organization, if your policies and practices exclude part of this talent pool, either implicitly or explicitly, then you are in danger of losing the global talent war.


SRD employs fun and educational teambuilding activities to demonstrate how D&I can become a useful tool.


Contact SRD today to discuss how we can empower your company to make DEI a part of your company’s masterpiece!

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